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12 B

Jyothika, 12B, Saam12 B
"When Jeeva sir narrated this project I took it for two reasons only; firstly Jeeva was the cameraman in my debut movie Vaali & secondly the screenplay of this movie is quite tricky & it did break the norms of movie making in India."

Romance Running time: 155 min
Story Line:
The movie starts off with the handsome sunny Shaam (Shakthivel in the film) waking up in the morning and getting ready to go for this umpteenth interview he is probably attending. He gets up, works out, goes to the temple and just when it is going to be yet another day in his life he meets this girl (Jothika who comes by the same name also in the film) in the temple whom he flips for. Both of them walk to the bus stop, the bus 12B comes wheeling into the stop, both of them run for the bus, Jothika gets into the bus, while Shaam misses the bus because an auto rickshaw comes in his way. It is at this point that the movie takes off in two different parallel tracks. . the first story is about a hypothetical Shaam who does not miss the bus. . the second story is about the same Shaam who misses the bus. The lighter and humorous scenes are around Vivek's garage where Shaam works. Vivek and Srinath (the assistant director of the film) play the friends of Vivek. While a more down-to-earth Srinath urges Shaam to give up chasing Jothika and carry on with his life, Vivek is the one who makes Shaam look at things in life the positive way. Underlying Vivek's rib cracking humor is a subtle message to us, which makes us think about many social issues. All the artistes have given an excellent down to earth performance, nothing more and nothing less. The youthful, vibrant and colorful choreography by Raju Sundaram & Rekha Prakash and catchy numbers by Harris Jayaraj definitely need a round of applause. Director Jeeva has deftly handled the switching back and forth between the two story lines. The overlapping and the distinction between the two stories do tend to confuse us a bit but on the other hand we get to develop a soft corner for both the characters of Shaam.
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Sound Tracks: Jothi Nerilvara | Mutham Mutham | Seriya Thavara | Love Pannu | Poovey Vai Pesu

The Team
Supporting Cast: Simran, Mayilsamy, Vivek, Moon Moon Sen, Sunil Shetty
Playback Singer(s): Sukhwinder Singh, Kay Kay, Harish Raghavendra, Prashanthi, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Samantha Etlar
Director & Cinematographer: Jeeva
Lyricist: Vairamuthu
Music Director: Harris Jayraj
Producer: Vikram Singh
Choreographer: Rekha Chinni Prakash, Raju Sundaram
Editor: B Lenin - V T Vijayan
Art Director: Thota Tharani
Fight Director: Vikram Dharma

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