Trivia: Did you know that my favourite dish is Butter Chicken

"I am very much happy with the attention I am getting here in South, so I would rather stick on to it."
Consider yourself lucky cause I am not going to go down the Blah! Blah! routine; so here I go *ahem* ...

First of all, I wish to express how thrilled I am with the position God has given me today. I have got to meet & work with the best of the Best & the freshest of talent within a very short period of time.
I was introduced to Hindi films by Priyadarshan in his movie Doli Sajake Rakhna but sadly the movie did not make it much against his conviction.

The box office reaction did take me by suprise, but when I contemplate on it today i kind of sensed that I lacked the spark then. I decided to move my focus to the South thanks to my sister Naghma's advice.

My first role in the Tamil film Vaali though very miniscule I could feel the positive reaction of my audience reception; to vouch that I was awarded the Best Newcomer Award for it [ Hip! Hip! hooray! ]. I have always been more closely associated with South than Bollywood. Though we are from the north and my dad has produced and directed many films, it is because of didi's popularity here in the south that I was introduced into Cinema that's no secret!

Make hay while the sun shines is the only Mantra that helped me for the position I have come today. Currently, I have a handful of films in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Future projects.

Movie Title Year Language
Mozhi February 23th, 2007 Tamil
Pachaikili Muthucharam February 16th, 2007 Tamil
Sillunu Oru Kaadhal September 8th, 2006 Tamil
Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu August 25th, 2006 Tamil
June.R 2006 Tamil
Chandramukhi April 14th, 2005 Tamil
Saravana   Tamil
Mayaavi Mar 10th, 2005 Tamil
Manmathan Oct 24th, 2004 Tamil
Peralagan May 6th, 2004 Tamil
Arul May 1st, 2004 Tamil
Thirumalai October 24th, 2003 Tamil
Three Roses 2003 Tamil
Kakkha Kakkha August 1st, 2003 Tamil
Priyamana Thozhi July 11th 2003 Tamil
Dhool Jan 11th 2003 Tamil
Raja 5th July, 2002 Tamil
One Two Three 1st June, 2002 Tamil, Telugu
12B 27th September, 2001 Tamil
Poovellam Un Vaasam 2001 Tamil
Star 2001 Tamil
Little John 2001 Tamil, Hindi & English
Dumm Dumm Dumm 2001 Tamil, Telugu
Uyirile Kalanthathu November 2000 Tamil
Thenali October 27, 2000 Tamil, Telugu
Snehidiye December 2000 Tamil
Rhythm September 2000 Tamil, Telugu
Mughavari February/March 2000 Tamil
Kushi 19 May 2000 Tamil
Poovelam Kettupaar August'99 Tamil
Vaalee May'99 Tamil & Hindi
Doli Sajake Rakhna
1998 Hindi
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