Trivia: Did you know that my favourite perfume is Jean Paul Gaultier

" I believe cinema goes through a phase. There is always a phase of comedies, emotional and action films. "
I am not looking for lead roles, what I do has to have substance. I will take it up, since I believe that what has to come your way, will come your way. Doing a second or a third lead does not matter. It is how well you do it.

After the Coke ad, Hindi film offers too have started coming in. I hear scripts, but I am looking for something special. Ofcourse I have always been asked by many; on who is is my favourite director, co- star etc. I hate to tell you this one cannot have favourites in an Industry which is almost works like a family. Agreed there are a lot of issues; now tell me who doesn't. I treat others they way they treat me so when the industry has accepted me this well I find it hard to think on issues such as favouritism. I love every project I have worked in.

Every unit behind a movie has it's own energy I found it easy to pitch in & do my bit of maasti.

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