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Genre: Comedy
Story Line:
Balaiah (Surya), a small time thief leads a happy go lucky life. With many adventures and escapades in his eventful existence, Baliah's life takes a turn when he lands up in film actress Jothika's house. Seeing that the house belongs to the actress he decides against stealing from his idol's house. But this one act of goodness lands him up in trouble since Jothika who sees him coming out calls the police who bash him up in the cell. Now Balaiah decides to teach Jothika a lesson. He starts stalking her. He lands up in the studios and follows her everywhere. Unable to bear this she complains to the police that Balaiah attempted to rape her. He goes to jail for three months.

Out of jail, Balaiah decides to now take revenge. He kidnaps her and houses her in the heart of the city. The police are going around in circles. The second half is about how Jothika realises that Balaiah is a good hearted man and that he had no intention to take any ransom from her nor had sexually assaulted her. Finally she makes a plea to him to be with her all her life but he refuses saying that they are mismatched in many ways and that he would go and see her movie if he felt like seeing her.

The strength of the film is Surya and Jothika. Surya does his part exceptionally well and he seems to be improving from film to film. In every department he excels. Jothika as herself does a fine job. Cinematography and music is a plus. The cameraman Rathnavelu has deviated from the usual pattern of using bright lights for comedy films and gone in for subdued ones which made a difference. Song picturisation is too good. The crowds love the one- liners from Surya in the film. For example about Jo's overacting the answer from Surya is that 'for the salary that she is taking it is okay to overact'. The director takes potshots at actress family and her manager who are out to make money. All this is bound to go down well with the crowds especially whenever reference to Chandramukhi is made. All contemporary matters are thrown in including the Naghma- Dawood matter too.

The downside of the film lies in the second half when the action shifts to a room with three characters only. A more innovative way could have made the film more interesting and racy. The artiste who acts as the physically handicapped girl has done a fine job. At certain points you can feel the Bala touch.

The Team
Supporting Cast:

Surya, Jothika



Producer/Banner Kalaipuli Dhanu / B Studios
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography Rathnavelu

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